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Volumetric Concrete Mixing
& Floor Screed

CYO Seeds (Midlands) is Alphamix's sister company and was established in 1978 and is based in South Leicestershire.

We have grown strongly and are constantly one of the largest Mobile Seed Processors of Farm Saved Seed (FSS) in the country.

Our ethic to the service we offer is "You only process your seed once so it must be done right first time". We have the same attitude towards Alphamix's customer and strive to do our best in any situation.

Through drive and innovation we have set new industry standards and each year we process more seed than the last, reflecting the increasing demand for FSS and our professional outlook. As with Alphamix the amount of concrete and screed we do increases year on year.

CYO Seeds (Midlands) became a Limited company in 2005 and has since acquired CYO Seeds (North) Ltd and Redfern Seeds (both based in Yorkshire) and Agridress (based in Lincolnshire).

As well as FSS, we supply certified seed and fertiliser.

We build all our own equipment and also build for others in the industry.

We also refurbish equipment for other manufactures as can be seen above.

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